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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes you get a nice new toy and can't wait to try it out. Then, the toy doesn't work. The poor Slender G Spot 7 Function showed such great promise, but there seemed to be an issue with the connections and it stopped working shortly after arrival.

That said, if they'd let me exchange it for a working model, I definitely would! It was the most utterly fantastic stiff-muscle massager I've ever come accross, and the lower settings were perfectly suitable for more inimate massage.

It was a little on the loud side (as Husband put it, "It goes from hum to airplane taking off"), but the vibes were almost as strong as the noise, so I didn't mind.

Alas, that's as far as I can really review (which is why it isn't reviewed by me on the site). Oh Slender: why hast thou deserted me?


  1. Complete worst part? Every so often it still decides to work. The thing is possessed.