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Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting used to the cuddles

I've discovered recently that Husband is almost incapable of sleeping (in the bed) without me there as well. He'll wake up within 20 minutes of me getting up, unless he's been out drinking, and come to ask what's wrong, why I'm not in bed. Then he tosses and turns until I come back to bed.

Conversely, despite nearly two years of marriage, I sleep so much better while he's not in the bed.
A. he snores. Loudly.
B. he kicks in his sleep when he's been out drinking
C. he gets really really hot in his sleep and usually ends up sweating
D. he makes his side of the bed dent down so I'm constantly rolling towards him in my sleep
E. he just doesn't hold still.

Conclusion? We need a bigger bed.


  1. My guy and I had the same problems for 6 years...
    The answer is a Sleep Number. Sure we spent the price of a Hyundai on our King, but I've never slept better. Ever.
    What # am I you may ask.. 45 on a regular evening. ;)

  2. Fooo, that expensive? I've considered them before but I've never checked out the prices. Still, from what I hear, it would probably be quite worth it.