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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pressing Fantasies

Now I know we all have fantasies and that, ideally, we should be able to share them with our significant others whether either of you intend to act them out or not.

But I think everyone should be warned about pressing your fantasies on your partner. Basically what I mean is when you have a fantasy regarding something you wish your partner would do or what and you project it on to them pressuring (or guilting) them into claiming to have that fantasy.

Husband has a thing for the idea of me with a young woman, introducing her to the pleasures of a female-female relationship. This is definitely not my thing: when I'm in to women, I like more mature (read: bustier) women and my interest generally ends at the waist. However, Husband has somehow gotten it into his head that this is my fantasy too.

For a while, it didn't bother me and I'd just play along. After a while though, I realized that it wasn't helping the relationship for me to lie to him like this and it might eventually be harmful. So I told him quite bluntly that "twiggy things" just don't do it for me and "vaginas are just gross".

I think he's still pouting.

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