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Thursday, March 25, 2010

There was a point in my life where I wouldn't even need this kind of thing to talk about what was going on- I'd just talk about it with one of my close female friends. However, I've found as time went by that one of two things happened:

I dropped them because, despite my physical sex, my mental sex (or lack thereof, however it suits you to see it) does not care for the constant jostling and mind games of female friendships. If I tell you not to tell anybody, I mean it (not "only your nearest and dearest", or "only the entire Sociology class") and if I tell you I won't tell anybody, I mean it. I won't use information as a lever to get what I want, I won't be snide for no reason, and I will be honest. (see number Two)

They dropped me because I am, as mentioned above, honest. I will tell them when their boyfriends/girlfriends suck and why. I will tell them when they're being jerks, what I feel will help them, and I will try to prevent them from doing anything exceptionally stupid if possible.

Two A:
I am always right when I say that someone is going to break up with them. Maybe it's the masculine side of my brain tuning into the male signals, I don't know for sure, but if I say Boy A is going to dump your ass in a week, he does. This is apparently bad for relationship morale and I am ever afterwards blamed for the dumping, even though all I did was predict it.

Two B:
If you want to ruin a budding friendship, there doesn't seem to be a better way to do it than to say "You're really being an ass right now." Totally disregard how true the statement might be, that's just how it works.

Two C:
Try to help people. This is no win:
  • If you help them and it works, they wonder what would have happened if they did it their way (I.e. Would it have turned out even better?)
  • If you offer them help and they don't take it but it works out, you are an idiot
  • If you offer them help and they don't take it but it doesn't work out, they think you think they're an idiot. Cue resentment
  • If you help them and it doesn't work, then it is your fault

Two D:

Try to keep them from doing stupid things. First off, no one likes being called stupid. Secondly, they'll often do it just to spite you and then end up blaming you for the bad results (Let's cue the ranting of H, who had a baby with a guy who was getting ready to break up with her because I told her it was a bad idea: "You practically called me an idiot! I know what's best for me!" He's left her, she hates children, and all concerned are now stuck with the results)

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