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Sunday, March 21, 2010

How does it go again..?

I only ever seem to read, see, or hear two reactions from married women: blissfully happy (even if stressed) or "desperate".

I don't think I really fit either of these two categories (and I hope I don't give anyone the impression that I do) I love Husband, he's a great guy. Our life is pretty comfortable, even if it isn't extravagant. We don't have any children to stress us or our budget, so that isn't an issue.

So what is the lingering dissatisfaction in my married life? Good question. I have a few theories:

  1. Consumer Overload: basically I'm from a generation offered so many choices about so many things that we're always wondering if something else might be just a bit better.
  2. Poor relationship role models: Yes, I know it's completely trite to blame this sort of thing on your parents, but I think some part of my mind questions any "loving" relationship as the flipside to mental/emotional abuse.
  3. Innately semi-masculine mind: desire for newer, better, sexier, creature for jolly fun. Disinclination to commit to any one person, no matter how wonderful.
  4. Husband is too much like my father: He's a nerd, he fiddles with things that aren't broken...
  5. Husband is not enough like my father: Sometimes he's a little too like my mother: passive aggressive, whiny, needy, OCD.
  6. Simply not a nice person: 'nough said.

So what's the most likely, or is it something totally different? No clue.

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