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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gents, let me share a secret with you: sometimes when your girlfriend/wife seems to be agreeing with all the things you fantasize about her fantasizing about, she's just trying to get you to come so you will finish up and let her go to sleep.

How to tell?

If your significant other is really interested, the least you'll get is an "mmmm....", but more likely you'll get an elaboration on the story. "Does it turn you on to think about sucking on another woman's tits?" "Oh yeah...they're so smooth and soft and just...yum!"

If you keep getting a bunch of "mhm", "yeah", "maybe" and other such monotone (or fakely cheery) answers, she just wants you to get it over with.

I'll tell you another secret...

Not all women like to talk during sex! (see next post)

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