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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rather left everything hanging last night...See, it's pretty scary when you're as young as I am and can't remember things as you "should". Perhaps some of those people commenting on how cellphones destroy the ability to remember things are correct, at least in part. (Though phonenumbers aren't one of the things I odd)


Husband and I had a talk last night about fantasies and whether or not you should share all of your fantasies with your spouse. He, firmly for. Me, firmly against.

His reasoning (spoken, at least)
  • you love each other, you should know how to make each other as happy as possible
  • honesty is important
  • if you love each other enough, nothing will be appalling.

My reasoning (spoken and unspoken)

  • No matter how much you love each other, some things are just a little too weird
  • Honesty is overrated as long as it doesn't relate to disease or fidelity
  • Sometimes I like to think about sex with other men, do you really want to hear about that?
  • Quite often I think of one particular man you hate, O(ld)C(crush), and I figure you'd probably disown me if you knew
  • Despite your claim to wanting to make your partner happy, a fair number of fantasies I have told you are still sitting ignored on your mental shelf. (At least I can safely say I've tried just about everything you've brought up and those I haven't, I've explained why)

So which of us is right? Personally, I feel it probably depends on the relationship. If a couple is composed of more stable components than myself, it might be well-possible, or even advisable, to share thoughts. Goodness, you'd like to fuck me from behind? How wild!

But, between myself and Husband, I think this would just be a bomb waiting to explode. Every time after that he'd be wondering why I thought of other men, why OC. And that can't really be good for anyone's mental health.

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