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Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, I've done a lot of writing in the last few days, but those posts are set to auto-post at a future date, just so things aren't too close for comfort.

Anyway, I was writing and realized that other than saying I didn't have anywhere to look myself up, I really didn't introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Quinn. (At least that's what you'll know me as)

I'm a 20-something woman married to an older man. I'm BFB (bi for boobs), into a lot of kinky stuff, and I don't like to talk before, after, or during sex. I'm in college (I shan't say what year or degree) working, and very lazy about the house. I write, read, play several musical instruments, sing in the shower, draw, and enjoy collecting wigs. Just for fun.

Oh, and I'm a little OCD. Like...well, I shan't get specific because my OCDs are pretty unique in combination, I think.

And here's a quick key to some of the characters you'll probably be hearing about:
  • Husband self explanatory
  • B my sister
  • Momster my mother
  • The Ear his mom
  • Dad mine
  • Lay-z-boy his dad
  • OC althought explained in an earlier post, I'll go ahead and say he's an old crush I'm not totally over
  • The Cow OC's girlfriend
  • Reader close friend, probably best friend.
  • Gma my grandmother
  • And various other less regularly scheduled characters.

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