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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Toliet Paper Wars pt 2

The Epic Battle:

Over Vs. Under

If you're human and you have ever cohabitated, you have at some point encounted this debate. The reasons are endless: less use, less waste, doesn't get caught in the air from the vent, more sanitary, ease of access, being able to find the end, that's the way it's always been done...

But is there really a difference?

Hell if I know.

Out of the above reasons, I chose three to tests: less use, less waste, and doesn't get caught in the air from the vent.

(Just so everyone knows where the battle lines are drawn, I'm over, Husband is under)

Less Use:

This seemed to be both true and not true. An average of 10 pulls each from my husband and I showed the following:

Over average: 4 sheets Under average: 3 sheets

range: 3-8 range: 1-6

The breaker was that when the toliet paper was rolled under, it tended to break a little easier so you'd occasionally get one sheet by accident and then have to get a few more for wipe ability.

Over all? Inconclusive.

Less Waste and Air Vent:

This is a bit of an odd category if you think of waste as using more toliet paper than you need. In this case, though, it ties in to the air vent issue in that Husband will not use toliet paper that has touched the floor.

It is, on the other hand, totally conclusive. The air from a floor vent can not usually catch and unravel toliet paper, unless you've already left a huge amount unravelled. Even then, it didn't catch as bad as it did when it was over.

Does this change my mind?

Not really. So far as I'm concerned, as a woman, I use the toliet paper more. If I want to use it over and not under, that should be my perogative.

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