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Friday, May 7, 2010

Slender G-Spot 7 Function by CalExotics

product picture
G-spot vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Plastic / Velvet cote™

The Great Part
I love this toy. The vibrations are strong and the pointed tip makes it easy to focus the vibes on just the right spot. The smooth velvet cote coating is gentle against tender skin and has no odor (pleasant or otherwise) Best of all (for me at least), this toy doubles as a fantastic tense muscle massager.

Getting a little more specific, the vibrations do start strong: there is no weak settings on this toy, so people looking for a gentle vibe should beware. The first three settings are a strong steady pulse; the first is pretty strong, the second stronger, and the third stronger yet. The fourth setting is two short vibrations and a long one. The fifth setting is a spaced vibration. The sixth setting is a week buzz, a space, and a stronger buzz (which makes a noise "like a robot walking" in my husband's words). The final setting starts relatively gentle and gets harder, then cycles again. Again, there is no weak setting on this toy! While not a jackhammer, it isn't far off.

The vibrations are operated via a push button on the bottom of the shaft. It isn't hard to reach, but there is just enough effort needed to press the button in to change the setting that it's very hard to do by accident and not distracting in the least. To cycle between the different settings, you just press the button until you find the one you want.

The vibrations tend to move through the whole shaft, so if you're one of those people who hates tickly hands, you may not care for the action. The point gets just as much, however, and it feels great pinpointing the clitoris or rubbing into a sore shoulder.

The noise level on this toy is pretty high, but considering the strength of the vibrations, I don't find it overly disturbing. It is definitely not something for a little sneaky fun, though.

The curve at the end of the toy made it extremely uncomfortable for me to insert vaginally more than a few inches, so I can not speak for the g-spot stimulation it touts except to say it seems to me you might have to do some contortions to get this toy in.
Shape-wise, I generally prefer a thicker toy, more along the lines of Liv by Lelo ( Liv - G-spot vibrators - ), especially for g spot stimulation. The Slender G spot did great clitoral (which Liv also does), but not so hot in the g-spot area due to problems inserting the toy.

As I mentioned, this toy also makes a great massager. The point digs in to tough spots like a dream. The best use I've found for it in this regard is stiff shoulder and neck muscles as the shape allows you to access these relatively difficult areas with ease.

The Catch
So, hearing all this great stuff, you might be wondering why I only gave the poor thing three stars. It is simply this: I never know when it's going to work.

When I first took it out of its packaging and slid the batteries in, nothing happened. I tried switching the batteries around and nothing happened. My husband checked the batteries, blew off the connections, put it back together and got it to work....for about three minutes before it died again. We fiddled with it on and off for the rest of the night never getting more than about three minutes out of it.

Finally, it just stopped responding. We tried just about everything and I ended up messaging an admin to ask if maybe I was doing something wrong or it was a faulty product. They didn't have any extras to send, so they removed the assignment and, with much sorrow as I'd been deeply enjoying its attentions on my neck, I locked the poor little guy away as a failure.

About a week later, we were laying in bed when we heard the buzzing. I opened up the drawer to find it happily rumbling its way around the bottom. Since then, it has decided to work about two times out of every five I try to use it. I'm still not sure what the problem is, but for the most part I'm willing to put up with the problems for those quality vibes.

Now for the stats: (for all of you who skipped over the rest)
This 7 1/2 inch slim (about 2 1/2 inches in diameter) toy is smooth velvet cote over plastic with a small plastic seam at the curve and a plastic cap at the end. The bottom approximately 5 inches are straight and then the top curves gently to a blunted point. It takes two AAA batteries inserted into the bottom which has a ridged plastic cap with a rubber-topped button on the bottom.

There's no hiding that this is a sex toy (in my opinion) but the muted colors and stream lined design make it something that I would not be ashamed to have found in my luggage. The packaging isn't great for gifting or storage, but it does get it to you!

It is allegedly waterproof, but I've had so many problems with mine I'm afraid to kill it by submerging it. I wash it off with anti-bacterial soap when I'm done and buff it dry. It doesn't attract dust the way silicone or jelly do, so it stays pretty clean wrapped in a cloth or slipped into a bag. The only fear I would have cleaning it is the small plastic seam at the beginning of the curve: I've been taking special care to clean it out with a brush to ensure cleanliness, but it may gather bacteria if improperly cleaned.

This toy can be used with water based lubricants only so far as I can tell, but there are many good options on the site to chose from, so never fear!

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  1. Hey very nice review, too bad it rarely works! I'd call Cal Exotics.
    I was wondering.. am I following you at Eden? If not I'd like to. You should put your Eden widget on your blog too :D

  2. I'm going to. I'm really hoping it's an individual unit malfunction and they'll send me another.