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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Toliet Paper Wars part 1

So maybe I've been focusing on the sex side of things a little too much recently: after all, while sex is a huge part of marriage, it's far and away from being the last thing.

Let's talk toliet paper.

Yes, toliet paper: the killer of marriages. Over or under? Cheap, efficient, scratchy toliet paper, or expensive, soft, thick toliet paper?

My friend Sasha over at VRNV did a review the other day about vegetarian/organic foods versus meat/non organic and it inspired me to really think about the difference in toliet paper philosophies.

Husband thinks as long as toliet paper does its job, it doesn't much matter what it feels like (easy to say when it only ever gets used on your ass!) and claims that it is more cost efficient to buy cheap toliet paper.

I'm of the opinion that there is no reason to sandpaper the vag and you actually use less toliet paper when it's of a higher quality, therefore evening the price field.

So I tested the theory
I bought a package of Angel Soft (my butt. That stuff is like wiping yourself with writing paper) at $1 for 4 rolls and a package of Charmin at about 6$ for 12.

Right off the bat, let's do the math on cost per roll:
Angel Soft- $0.25 per roll Charmin- $0.50 per roll

Half the price. So right now, Angel Soft is winning.

Next, we used four rolls of each of the toliet papers to see how long it would take to use up those rolls

Angel Soft- 6 days Charmin- 12 days
Days per roll: 1.5 Days per roll: 3

Ergo, it can be assumed that either there is twice as much toliet paper on the Charmin as there is on the Angel Soft, or that less toliet paper is being used on the more expensive brand.

So: let's do the math.
Angel Soft: 4 rolls for $1 Charmin: 4 rolls for $2 (extrapolated from 12 for $6)
Cost per roll: $0.25 Cost per roll: $0.50
Days per roll: 1.5 Days per roll: 3
Cost per day: $0.16 Cost per day: $0.16

Dead Even!

Hm...I might keep this to myself...

Come back next time for....Over vs. Under

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