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Monday, September 20, 2010

Battle of clutter

Husband is a compulsively tidying person and I'm an OCD slob.

Result? I like my clutter to stay RIGHT where it is, thank you very much and he feels the need for it to at least be contained within certain areas of the house.

Now, when I say slob, I don't mean the health-risk kind. I don't leave food around, or food covered dishes. Just paper, yarn, books, bags, etc

Every last blasted time I go looking for my things only to find he's dragged them off to some other part of the house, the only thing I can think is "Stop touching my stuff! I don't touch yours!"

I admit, it really isn't a very fair thought considering he could pile the house with books and papers and the only time it would bother me is if I stepped on them or they fell on me. He gets nervous and stressed when the house is messy.

I need to learn to contain my clutter.

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